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What is the best format to send my artwork/design?

The best format for print ready artwork is a 300dpi vector, PDF, TIFF or JPEG file. Low resolution files may require our design team to do some rendering.

What is the typical turn-around time on a screen printing order?

That totally depend on the complexity of the job but normally we will complete an order in one to two weeks.

What is a screen / set-up charge all about?

For every color in a screen print, there needs to be a screen made. A screen is typically $20 So a 3 color print would be $60. The screen / set-up charge is a one time cost. We store your screens for future print runs.

Will you ship out screen printed goods?

Absolutely. In fact about 25% of our business is out of the local area and requires shipping.

How do I keep my cost down on a screen printing order?

Great question. The best way to keep the number of colors in the design to a minimum. A one color print can look awesome. You can also limit your printing to one side of the garment. A front only print will cost less than front and back.